About Laos and the Champasak Province

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Pakse Hotel & Restaurant is situated in Champasak Province, Southern Laos — a region that has, over the past few years, become an ideal destination for leisure travellers. Unlike typical tourist destinations that are prized for their "white sand and coral sea", Laos has made every effort to avoid the rapid modernization that has befallen its neighbours. Today, Laos is still a country of preserved traditions and charming surroundings, hosting many different ethnic groups and cultures. The region is home to numerous waterfalls, rivers, and beautiful landscapes that hold some of the world's rarest wildlife. Southern Laos also keeps a permanent link to its history by preserving the icons of colonial and heritage architectural structures present in the cities.

Pakse Hotel & Restaurant, Champasak Pakse About Champasak Pakse Hotel Restaurant
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Be it a solo trip or one with family and friends, Laos has a plethora of tourist attractions to make your tour a memorable experience. These include the following:

  • The Temple of Vat Phou or Wat Phu, ancestor of Angkor (World Heritage Site since 2001)Here Vat means Temple and Phou means Mountain.
  • The Production site of the Lao coffee and tea, fruits and vegetable — hosting more than 20 ethnic minorities in sumptuous landscapes of tropical jungles.
  • The silk-weaving villages. Check out special Sights Around Champasak for more details and travel destinations!

In addition to these a large number of local destinations consist of natural wonders and man-made beauties.

The hotel offers an in-house travel desk with staff who are always available to assist you with day trips to the Pre-Angkorean Wat Phou and Tomo ruins, coffee and tea plantations on Bolaven Plateau or the impressive, largest waterfalls of Asia, Khone Phapheng.

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The staff of Pakse Hotel & Restaurant is always open to questions. They even speak English, French, along with Thai & Lao.