Rooms at Pakse Hotel & Restaurant, Champasak

Whatever room type you select for your stay, all come with individually adjustable air-conditioning, a mini-fridge, en-suite bathroom/toilet with shower gel and shampoo provided for.

For a cosy stay in Pakse, choose the ECO rooms at Pakse Hotel & Restaurant.

Enjoy a great view of the Pakse landscape as well as extremely comfortable accommodation at our Standard Rooms!

Spacious and attractive, the Family Rooms make for an enjoyable stay in Pakse.

For a more luxurious stay with elegant furnishing accompanied with a fantastic view of the Pakse skyline, choose the Superior Room!

Enjoy a refined experience at this attractively-designed room, choose the Deluxe Rooms for your stay in Pakse Hotel & Restaurant!

Enjoy an expansive and unrestricted view out onto the beauty of Pakse in its entirety, only when you choose our Panorama Rooms!

The Mini-Suite is located on VIP 6th floor, and comes with a great view of the oldest temple of Pakse, the Sedon River, and a partial view of the Mekong.

The Suite at Pakse Hotel & Restaurant offers the penultimate Laos experience; a fantastic view coupled with the best that we have to offer in luxury!